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Air-Dale's Fly-In Outpost Camps

Fly-In: Program


Anjigaming Lake Cabin.jpeg


Anjigaming Lake continues to support fishing that amazes our guests consistently year in and out. There are two separate bedrooms with 4 bunk beds in each room. Laminate flooring, an L-shaped custom built couch and a fireplace. Did we mention FREE satellite WIFI internet and a solar system for lights and for recharging electronics! The camp stands back from an incredible sandy beach during the summer and fall months when the water level drops.

This 2 mile long lake is often called “Walleye World”. It features a rocky shoreline and numerous weed beds. Lake depth averages 15 to 20 feet with spots up to 35 feet. Anjigaming lake is an ideal habitat for Northern Pike, Walleye and Whitefish. A sizeable part of the lake is shallow with weeds and bulrushes. There are some small islands and rocky shores with steep drop-offs, just perfect for shore lunches. All of our guests say this lake has the most incredible Walleye fishing they have ever experienced in Canada.

Portage Lakes:

Morin Lake - The back lake is accessible by paddling a canoe down a short winding river to a marked trail. At the end of the short trail we have two aluminium canoes waiting for you. Fishing Morin Lake is like fishing the way our fore fathers remember, extremely large, trophy size fish. Morin Lake is a catch and release lake you may not take any fish but please take photos and measurements of your catch as you will want the dimensions to purchase a replica fish mount. Walleye & Northern Pike.


Apisabigo Cabin.jpeg


Apisabigo Lake is 3 miles long & 2 miles wide 
with numerous bays, islands & rocky shorelines. The 
average depth is 20 feet, with some spots 50-60 feet 
deep. This lake is known for its large Walleye, but has also produced some great Northern Pike.

Portage Lakes:

Regis Lake - ½ mile wide by ½ mile long. Canoe portage. Walleye & Northern Pike.
Malmo Lake - ½ mile wide by 1 mile long. Portage trail. Walleye & Northern Pike.


Dave Cabin.jpeg


Dave Lake is 3 miles long & ½ mile wide 
it is a chopped up lake with lots of bays, coves and 
rugged shoreline with sandy beaches. The lake depth runs 15 to 25 feet with spots up to 70 feet. Bigger Walleye are caught on a sporadic basis.
 Dave lake has been one of our best producer of big Northerns.

Moose Hunting: WMU 35


Johns cabin.jpeg


John’s Lake is 3 miles long & ¾ mile wide. There are rocky shorelines, weedy areas and hills around the lake. The average depth is 20 feet with some spots 60 feet deep. Average Walleye size here would be 1.5 to 2 pounds with larger fish ranging from 3 to 6 pounds. This lake is known for its consistency in producing good eating size eyes. The average sized Northern Pike typically weighs in the 5 to 7 pound range.

Portage Lake

Little Craig Lake - 15 minute trail. Walleye & Northern Pike.

Little Missinaibi

Little Miss cabin.jpeg


Little Missinaibi Lake is 20 miles long & ½ mile wide. It has a rocky, winding shoreline with numerous long bays, islands and weed beds. The average depth is 15 feet with some spots 35 feet deep. This lake is known for producing large numbers of Walleye. Lots of average sized Northern Pike. Indian Pictographs located on the cliffs of Little Missinaibi.

Portage Lakes

Cam Lake - From Little Missinaibi walk a 15 minute trail to Cam Lake. Northern Pike & Walleye. 

Elbow Lake - Canoe to Elbow Lake. Northern Pike.

Trump Lake - Take the canoe to Elbow Lake, portage with the canoe to Trump Lake, paddle to the Island where we have a campsite (permit required). This lake is very deep. Lake Trout.

Little Missinaibi Falls - Find the bottom of the falls by parking your boat and walking a stunningly beautiful portage trail. Fish off the rock shoreline and catch your limit of Walleye.

One other Outfitter on Little Missinabie Lake.


Moose Cabin.jpeg


Moose Lake is 2 1/2 miles long & ½ mile wide with a sandy shoreline and numerous bays. The average depth is 25 to 30 feet. Accessible via a short portage trail is the Oba River which features a variety of Walleye and Northern Pike fishing opportunities over approximately 8 miles of river. This area is a fantastic producer of big Northerns.

Portage Lakes
Oba River leads to Kabinakagami Lake and The Expansion - 2 boats on the river portage. Northern Pike & Walleye.

Moose hunting: WMU 22.


medhurst cabin.jpeg


Medhurst Lake is 4 miles long & ¾ of a mile wide. The lake features a rocky shoreline with big bays and coves it is surrounded by hills on the west end. The lake depth runs around 20 feet with some spots up to 40 to 50 feet and a deep hole in the back bay measuring 90 feet deep. The lake is a good producer of Walleyes and is a favourite spot for families with easy fishing in front of the island and the convenient sandy beach in front of the cabin. Walleye & Perch.

Portage Lakes

Spotted Lake - 1 mile long by ½ mile wide and is 20 to 25 feet deep. A short portage trail over to Spotted Lake will produce a good number of Northern Pike in the 5 to 7 pound range. Northern Pike.

Moose hunting: WMU 32

Bear hunting: BMA 32


Namegios cabin.jpeg



Nameigos Lake is 10 miles long & 1 mile wide with a 
brushy shoreline with lots of bays. The 
average depth is 10 to 12 feet. The North end of the Lake gets weedy through August and September. Great Walleye & Northern Pike fishery.

Portage Lakes

Pike Lake - South end of Nameigos Lake then down a portage trail. Northern Pike.

 One other Outfitter on Nameigos Lake.

Fly-In: Video

Is Your group Size smaller than 4?

If your group size is smaller than 4 people you are still able to fly-in to one of our outposts at the same cost as a group of 4. Flight bills have increased substantially and is cost prohibitive for group sizes of less than 4 people.

Outpost Camp Equipment

  • 14ft Aluminum Boats with Swivel Seats

  • Yamaha 4hp-9.9hp Outboards

  • Unlimited Gas & Propane

  • Propane Fridge, Stove, Fish Fryers, BBQ & Lights

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen. All Cookware & Utensils

  • Hot & Cold Running Water

  • Indoor Shower

  • Outdoor Privy

  • Wood Burning Fireplace

  • Garmin inReach Satellite Device

Weight Restrictions

  • 150 pounds of gear per Hunter

  • 100 pounds of gear per Fisherman

  • There is a $.75 per pound charge up until the airplane is full

  • If excess baggage does not fit in the aircraft you can purchase an extra flight

Reservation Requests

You may request a specific flight time and we will do our best to accommodate it. Flights times are tentatively scheduled in order of when we receive a groups deposit. The earlier a deposit is received means an earlier flight time into an outpost camp. We will email your flight itinerary approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your trip. We invite you to stay at our lodge the evening prior to your flight. Our Lodge is very busy, make a room reservation when booking your Fly-In trip.

Flight Times

Watson Skyways is providing air transportation to the Outpost Camps. They will provide us with a scheduled flight time for your group. Please plan to be at the Watson's airbase located on Wawa Lake in the town of Wawa 1 hour prior to your flight time to weigh in your gear.

Accommodations The Night Before Flying In

We invite you to stay with us at our Drive-In Lodge the night before flying in. Please make sure to request a room when booking your trip.

How To Pack For A Fly-In Fishing Trip

  • To save weight, beer or pop must be in cans only, no glass bottles. Exceptions for liquor & wine.

  • Boil lake water instead of flying in bottled water or use a water purifier.

  • Our propane-powered refrigerators are good, but not perfect. Bring a cooler with ice or freeze water bottles to preserve perishables. Freeze meat products and put them in a separate cooler packed with ice. 

  • Use two medium coolers instead of one large cooler due to limited cargo space in the aircraft. 

  • To transport groceries, use small to medium cardboard boxes.

  • Use medium size duffel bags to pack your clothing and personal items. Do not use large suit cases or hockey bags.

  • Minnow buckets are provided at the outpost camps.

  • Remove all fishing hooks from rods before transporting. Rod cases are recommended.

  • Make sure your medications fly in with you on the same trip. Your extra baggage flight, if necessary, may not arrive quickly enough.

  • Please make sure your coolers and bins do not weigh over 50 pounds. Please help us keep our staff and guests safe.

Life Jackets

You must bring a wearable life jacket that legally satisfies the law in your home state. Floater cushions are no longer legal.

Cleaning & Maintaining The Camp

Before leaving the outpost camp:

  • Your group is responsible for a clean well maintained camp.

  • The fridge, freezer, stove, oven & shower (soap scum) must be wiped completely clean.

  • The floor must be mopped before leaving.

When the airplane arrives to pick you up at an outpost camp and there is no one staying at the camp after you:

  • Ensure boats are pulled up on shore and tied so they do not float away.

  • You must pull out the boat plugs and leave them in the back of the boat. This allows rain water to drain out.

Are Bears A Problem

Not really, bears are everywhere through the North Country. We ask all of our guests to dump their fish guts on the opposite lakeshore (or island) for the sea birds. Close windows and doors before leaving the cabin. No garbage…no bears. Please use heavy duty garbage bags so they do not break in the aircraft. Use a separate bag to recycle cans. Before leaving the outpost camp you must burn all flammable garbage so it does not have to be flown out or left for the next group to deal with.

Emergency At The Outpost Camp

We provide Garmin InReach Satellite units (unlimited texting). For your safety and convenience.

Damage Policy

You are responsible for any damages to the camp or equipment. Your credit card will be charged for the flight bills and for our time to clean or maintain the camp as well as for any damages you cause. Fuel is provided for outboard motors only and is not to be used for camp fires.

Fly-In: FAQ

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