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Fishing With Conservation In Mind

Do not bring stringers or live boxes. Studies show that fish kept on stringers or in a live-box will die within 48 hours after being released. Use a pail to transport your eaters.

Injuries sustained when the hook is being removed also causes additional deaths after fish swim away seemingly unhurt. When sport fishing we ask that you remove the barbs from your hooks by crimping them with a pair of needle nose pliers. This will allow you to painlessly remove the hook from the fish or your finger. As you retrofit your tackle box please search for lead free jigs and sinkers. Lead will cause poisoning when consumed by ducks.

Portage lakes are Catch & Release Only.

Large fish are responsible for breeding, without these fish the population is unsustainable. Please photograph trophy fish and safely release them as soon as practical. This will help improve the fishing for many years to come.

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