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Lake Trout. Our Fishing Guide Will Show You Where.. Fish On!

Lake Trout are most active during early season when water temperatures are in the 40 to 50 degree range. However good results are achieved in summer months during early morning and late evening by trolling with baited lures using 8 lb test line on a medium weight rod in deep waters. Lake Trout will also venture into shallows when feeding. Slow motion jigging techniques using spoons or spinners in deep waters baited with minnows or night crawlers during warm water temperatures have resulted in many good catches.

Your selection of lures should include Williams Wobblers of various sizes, Lucky Strikes, Lhur-Jensen, North Port Nailer as well as many other spoons of the glitter variety. Successful jigging lure are various bright spoons, Daredevils, Eppinger Flutter Chucks and spinners.

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