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Northern Pike? Yes We Do!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Northern Pike are most commonly caught near the edges of weed beds and off the ends of rocky points during summer months. Northerns will take up temporary residence in shallows but will progressively move toward deeper water in later summer and fall. Best results are usually achieved using spoon type or other slow moving lures by slow trolling or casting. When casting, ensure action pauses occur during the retrieval process.

Commonly used lures for Northern Pike are Daredevils, Rapalas, Jointed Rapalas, and Williams spoons as well as live bait rigs like crawler harnesses.

Air-Dale Lodge - Whitefish Lake

"A great place to get away. Lots of fish and friendly accommodating staff. Cabins recently upgraded as well. Our second trip here and looking forward to the next!" Jenn & Ryan.

Moose Lake

Apisabigo Lake

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